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Puppets, Javanese traditional arts

puppet comes from the word meaning wayangan drawing inspiration in the form of characters and stories that can be illustrated clearly in mind, the puppet is an Indonesian traditional arts, especially developed in Java and Bali.this art actually been known since prehistoric times of the year before the year 1500 AD, puppet play is usually based on stories taken from the epics Ramayana and Mahabharata from India, but has been modified by java people.

In his dissertation, entitled Bijdrage tot de Kennis van het Javaansche Tooneel (1897), the Dutch cultural historian Dr. GA.J. Hazeau indicated his belief that the puppet is the original show Jawa.Puppet show has been recognized by UNESCO on November 7, 2003, as an admirable work in the field of culture and heritage narrative story is beautiful and very valuable (Masterpiece of Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity).
puppet yore is part of the animistic religion of ancestor worship called spirit dahyang or hyang, manifested in the form of statues or puppets pict.but in its development, changing roles, from cult to the media instructional media for the public and now even sometimes just to be entertainment only, with the advent of the personal ideas dhalang so that various electronic equipment began to take roles in the stage and gamelan music devices as well as clothing worn by dhalang ki, singer, and the interpreter His musical in any scenario there is always shifting so that has now been judged more difficult where the original story which essays and stories where the only entertainment only.

There are puppet versions played by people in costume, which is known as the puppet people, and there is also a form of collection of teddy puppet played by the puppeteer. This puppet puppeteer played them in the form of shadowgrapht and wayang shadow puppet golek.only shadowgraph that usually played at night, when it’s dark. Behind a curtain, lights installed. People who watch the show sitting in front of the shadow puppet screen. They could only see shadow puppets. puppet show can take a long time, up to nine hours.

A puppet show performed by Ki Dalang, which means a storyteller. She always sat behind the curtain is playing puppet. Ki Dalang is very important because he is playing all the puppets and voiced their text. He also led the singing and gamelan puppet.

because the puppet was so strong arts culture is rooted in the Indonesian nation, so there was some confusion between the wayang stories, legends, and history. If the Indians think that the story of Mahabharata and Ramayana actually happened in his country, a Javanese puppet story even consider ever really happens on the island of Java.

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Tangkuban perahu Mountain

Tangkuban perahu mountain located about 20 kilometers north of the city with a journey time bandung.with vehicle about 30 minutes from along the way you can enjoy the cool mountain air, the landscape of hills, the spread of tea gardens and pine trees on the sidewalk.

This mountain became one of the area an attractive tourist destination in West Java, with its natural environment is cool, and hot springs in the legs of the mountain and this mountain has many craters .with Stratovulcano shape and has a height 2084 meters. In Tangkuban perahu named because its shape which resembles the ship that this unique inverted this shape
believed to have a very close relationship with Sangkuriang.this legend told in love with his mother, Dayang Sumbi. To thwart her intentions to marry her, Dayang Sumbi proposed to  Sangkuriang  requirement to make a boat overnight. When his efforts failed, Sangkuriang angry and kicked the boat, which landed upside down. This boat is then formed Tangkuban Parahu.

Tangkuban Perahu mountain is one of the volcanoes are still active on the island of Java. Several times this mountain has erupted recorded, issued bowels resulting in nine craters scattered in various places in the top of the mountain. Ratu crater is the largest crater, and the most beautiful, like seeing a giant bowl of very large and deep. Tangkuban Perahu mountain charm is so adorable, even when the weather clears, the curve of land on the crater walls can be seen clearly, in contrast with the green trees around the mountain, so they can present a spectacular panoramic view. Glory craters so wide and deep, at least be able to force the viewer to pause a moment and marveled at the greatness of the work God.not only that, but primary craters can we enjoy the amazing beauty. Natural beauty is what makes Tangkuban Perahu become one of the mainstay of natural tourist attractions of West Java Province, particularly Bandung.

In addition, in some crater lip queen, lots of vendors and stalls selling souvenirs are ready, food or beverages. Various souvenirs ranging from clothes, scarves, hats, bracelets / rings, natural stone, bonsai trees, musical instruments (Angklung) until the typical weapon of West Java region participated sale in this location. Store food and beverages also was lined up ready to serve customers. Not to mention the fruit seller strawberries and mulberries that offers merchandise fro kesetip encountered merkea visitors. Crafts and a bag of fur hat was very popular because of his hair softness to the touch. visitors can also enjoy the natural scenery in the Tangkuban boat by riding a horse.

So, if you go to Indonesia or to jakarta / bandung do not forget to stop by for a while enjoying the natural scenery Tangkuban boat. Here is a variety of facilities, lodging and tourists information.

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Bromo, a beautiful crater

Bromo mountain is located in east Java province, precisely in the three districts, namely Probolinggo, Pasuruan and malang,approximately 4 hours from surabaya.including
volcano is still active today, and have the level of about 2329 MSL or 7641 feet.

you need to see from the bromo:

Bromo crater .
Bromo mountain has a unique crater also, craters shaped almost like a circle with a diameter of about 700M was added bromo mountain beauty,crater surrounded by a sea of white sand, with smoke rising in the middle-middle would look very exotic at the rising sun . in addition bromo mountain altitude is relatively low for the size of a mountain made to the location of the mountain is relatively easy.

Tenggerese Culture .

The area around this mountain slope Tenggerese live, one of several significant Hindu communities in Java. similar to Bali but still hold a very strong animist. in trust for the descendants majapahit driven by those immigrants from Madura island which has Islamic religion, so they chose to reside in the mountain slopes. Numbering about 600,000 and live in 30 villages. tribe has a good tradition and cultural buildings unique to study.

Flora and fauna.

Flora and Fauna Around the crater has flora and fauna is limited, but if you are into a few hundred yards down, there will be a green valleys and lush, and has a distinctive forest flora here grow
many pine trees, and can in encounter animals such as Javanese deer, bobcat, deer, monkeys and wild pigs, in sky
you can see the flying eagle soaring above the valleys, and if you are lucky, you can see a leopard here. .

and much more adventure and uniqueness that you can encounter if you want to get there ..

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Tana Toraja

Tana Toraja is one of the famous tourist attractions in Indonesia, located in selatan.distance from sulawesi province about 350 kilometers north of provincial capital city makasar south sulawesi.

to get to Tana Toraja district can be reached by overland travel about 7 hours or 45 minutes by a small aircraft that serve routes makasar – Tana Toraja, but unfortunately the flight was only once a week.

The name originally given by the Toraja Bugis Bugis Sidendreng and Luwu. Sidendreng people call this area the population with the title To Riaja, which means “those who dwell in the land above or mountains”. It Tana Toraja is located approximately 300-600 meters above sea level.

Some interesting things from Tana Toraja :

The traditional house called Tongkonan.

tongkonan is a building shaped like the Chinese empire boat roof made of nipa or palm leaves and can survive up to 50 years. Tongkonan a suitable degree of aristocratic strata of society, knife scratches on the red board shows the status of its owner. Rows of buffalo horns mounted / hung in front of the house, also add to the uniqueness of the wood structure. Unique building form with carving can be found in almost every yard of this Toraja community. Tongkonan word comes from tongkon, which means sit. In the past this house is the center of government, customs authority, and the development of socio-cultural life of Toraja people. so that the first house can not be owned by individuals but by family heredity or tribal clan of Tana Toraja.

Death ceremony in Tana Toraja.

In Tana Toraja has a tradition of respect for the death of the call ‘Rambu Solo’.

For Tana Toraja society, people who have died not by itself a degree of the dead. For them before the ceremony Rambu Solo then the dead person was only regarded as a sick man. Because of its status is still ‘sick’, then the man who died had to be admitted and treated like people who are still alive, like with her, providing food, beverages and tobacco or betel.

Rambu Solo ‘is an event very festive tradition in Tana Toraja, because eating days to celebrate. The ceremony is usually held during the day, when the sun began leaning to the west and usually takes 2-3 days. Even up to two weeks for this nobility .

ceremony circles for each community group must differ. When the nobleman who died, then the number of buffalo that will be cut for the purpose of the event was far more than for those who are not royal. For the royal family, the number of buffalo may range from 24 to 100 water buffaloes. While middle-class residents are required to slaughtering buffalos 8 plus 50 pigs, and long ceremony about 3 days.

Her own grave is made at the top of the cliff at the height of the rock because, according to the trust Aluk Dolo (Tana Toraja people’s confidence was higher where the body was placed, so the sooner his soul to paradise).

But, before the amount was insufficient, the body should not be buried on cliffs or in high places. Hence, the body often stored for years in Tongkonan family until the late / deceased can prepare the sacrificial animals. and for the adherents of Christianity and Islam, the corpse can be buried in the ground first, then dug up again after the family is ready to perform this ceremony.

Baby graves in the tree.

baby graves in the Tarra trees  designated for baby 0-7 year-old.

Although babies buried in a tree that Tarra was not implemented since the last decades, the tree where “save” the baby’s body was still upright and often visited by tourists.

Tarra on the tree trunk with a circle of about 3.5 meters, saved dozens of dead babies. Before the body is inserted into the trunks of trees, first hollowed tree trunk. Dead baby is placed inside, then covered with coconut tree fiber black.

After decades, the baby’s body will be merged with the tree. This is an appeal to the traveler and to Tana Toraja people still regard the place as sacred as the newborn child. Placement baby’s body on the tree, adapted to the social strata of society.

The higher the degree of the family’s socio higher infant lies buried in the trunk of the tree Tarra.

In addition, babies who die are placed in the direction where the bereaved family lived. If the house is in the western part of the tree, then the child’s body will be placed in the west.

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Borobudur, one of the wonders of the world

Borobudur certainly heard the name familiar to our ears, because borobudur including one wonders of the world, by unesco designated as world heritage site that needs to be maintained and preserved because the building has high architectural and historical value.

located in Magelang District, central Java province, or about 40 (25 miles) kilometers to the northwest of the city of Yogyakarta, can be reached by land travel about an hour from the airport.


was built around 800 BC or 9th century by King Samaratungga (one of the kings of Old Mataram Kingdom) which includes the descendants of the Dinasty Syailendra. Based on Kayumwungan inscription mentioned that borobudur completed in 825 AD and is considered as the largest Buddhist temple in the world. .

This temple was originally covered with earth and bushes, in the year 1814 Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles (British colonial leaders in Indonesia at the time) ordered the HC Cornelius, a Dutch engineer to conduct excavations around the temple area. New in 1973, the Indonesian government assisted by Unesco held a restoration of Borobudur and completed in 1984.

Structure of the temple :

Borobudur berundak punden shape, has 10 levels, which consists of six levels of a square, three-level circular and a circular main stupa as a peak. Also scattered in all levels of domes-level numbering 72 men. Describing the philosophy of Buddha Bodhisattva of the ten stages to go through to achieve perfection became the Buddha in nirvana. This perfection symbolized by the main stupa at the top level.

Borobudur structure when viewed from above form a mandala structure depicting Buddhist cosmology and the human thinking.

The foot of Borobudur represents Kamadhatu, the man who still controlled by kama, or “low desire”. This section is mostly covered by a pile of stones This illustrates the Buddhist philosophy that all life originated from a rocks
then sand, then into plants, then into the insect, then a wild animal and pets, and finally became a man. This process is known as reincarnation. The last process is the soul and finally went into nirvana.

Each stage of enlightenment in this life process based on Buddhist philosophy is illustrated in reliefs and statues in the temple of Borobudur. At the close of this additional structure there are 120 panels Kammawibhangga story. Four floors with wall above berelief by experts called Rupadhatu. The floor is rectangular.

Rupadhatu are human beings who are able to free himself from passion, but is still bound by the appearance and shape. This level represents the nature of that is, between nature and the natural bottom up. In part this Rupadhatu Buddha statues found on the wall niches above ballustrade or hallway.

From the fifth to the seventh floor walls are not berelief. This level is called Arupadhatu (which means no tangible form or not). Circular floor plan. This level represents the nature of, where people are free from all desires and the bond forms and shapes, but have not reached nirvana.

Buddha statues are placed in the stupa covered with holes as in a cage. Represent the highest level being represented by the absence of a stupa, the largest and highest-called Arupa symbolizes nirvana, where Buddha is residing. Stupa described plain without the holes.


At every level carved reliefs on the walls of the temple, Borobudur has a different reliefs 2670. These reliefs read clockwise or called mapradaksina in Old Javanese language derived from Sanskrit meaning is daksina east. These reliefs variety of story content, among other reliefs jātaka.Keseluruhan story reliefs in Borobudur temple reflect the Buddha’s teachings. Reading the stories are always the starting relief, and ends on the east side of the gate at every level, start on the left and right ends of the gate. So obviously that is east of the ascent of the real (main) and to the top of the temple, indicating that the main gate of the Borobudur temple facing the east like most other Buddhist temples.

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Yogyakarta or often also called jogjakarta, Jogja or Yogya is a province of Indonesia which is located in southern of Java island.precisely in the south of central Java province.

yogyakarta at bestowed as a special area by the Government of Indonesia because of its origins and role in the history of the struggle Indonesia nation.

so until now the privilege is making people in Yogyakarta is very strong with Javanese culture, the traditional arts alive and growing in the middle of the modernization of a very strong current, ketoprak, puppets, batik dyes, silver carving, gamelan and traditional rituals are palace an interesting dish to be enjoyed by tourists.

Yogyakarta has many tourist sites, some of them:

Keraton Yogyakarta

YOGYAKRTA royal palace is the center of Javanese culture in yogyakarta, yogyakarta palace historically is home to the sultan of Yogyakarta today palace households still with the imperial tradition, some structure has used as a museum that holds many valuable collections such as the imperial heritage objects, horse-drawn carriage , gamelan also gifts from the kings of Europe.

yogyakarta palace building is made with the best Java architecture, with seven luxury residential complex and a vast pavilion with two large field which is also his first as a place of war and also as a place to conduct the people’s party (until now) is usually referred to as alun-alun.


This actually is the name of a street located in the north of Yogyakarta Palace, taken from Sanskrit language which means the flowers ( previously in this location is filled with flowers when yogyakarta palace ceremony). malioboro known as a shopping center craft trinkets from yogyakarta and the surrounding areas, is also very popular with lesehan stalls selling traditional foods yogya gudeg also as a gathering place its the artists who often express their art along this road.

Because tourists and tourists visiting here so much, no wonder if in malioboro there are many hotels and inns from various kelas.nah, if you want to enjoy the atmosphere of the street that never sleeps, with a walk through its halls, or by  horse-drawn carriage that are here, right away you could visit malioboro ..

Prambanan Temple

Prambanan is the largest Hindu temple in Indonesia, built in the 9th century BC during the reigns of two kings  rakai pikatan and rakai Balitung. located about 17 kilometers from downtown Yogya and less than 10 kilometers from the international airport Adi Sucipto.

Prambanan temple has a height of 47 meters, as Hindu temples have 3 main temples in the main yard, namely Vishnu, Brahma, and Shiva. These three temples are symbols of Trimurti in Hindu belief. All of them face east. Each main temple has accompanying temple facing to the west, namely Nandini for Shiva, Swan to Brahma, and Garuda for Vishnu. In addition, there are 2 temples apit, the temple kelir 4, and 4 corner temples. Meanwhile, the second page had 224 temples.

other than that on the wall of the temple there are many reliefs, one of which tells the story of Ramayana, and the Ramayana Ballet performed here at night in each bulannya.anda can enjoy it in the open with the background a magnificent Prambanan.

This temple is also called Roro Jonggrang temple, because there is a sculpture that the public regarded as the incarnation of king princess Roro Jonggrang boko. the legend says that he’s willing to marry if Bandung bondowoso created overnight temple amounted to 1000 pieces, this trick is to reject the proposal Bandung Bondowoso.but Bandung Bondowoso agreed,
unexpected and just before dawn has created 999 temples, Roro Jonggrang eventually ruled a population of approximately for her activities and make a big fire to make it look as if it was morning
.knowing, finally Bandung bondowoso  angry and cursed him into a statue.

Beach Parangtritis

located approximately 25 km to the south of the city of Yogyakarta, is the Indian Ocean coastal beaches, one of the most famous of about 13 coastal beaches in yogyakarta.

Parangtritis has unique compared to other beaches, which form large waves and the sand hills near the coast, as well as connection with yogyakarta palace
and merapi mountain.

other than that on this beach there is an eye bath of warm water containing sulfur in the trust can cure skin diseases.

this crowded beach visited on Sunday and holidays, especially in suro (first month on the Islamic calendar), when there are ceremonies labuhan from yogyakarta palace.  this beach you can also enjoy spectacular sea and beach with a lot riding rented here. .

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Bali, the most famous tourist attractions in Indonesia

Bali, a major tourist destination in Indonesia is very famous in the world, even many people outside the country are more aware Bali than Indonesia. 

with its natural beauty is very charming, custom istiadatnya a ‘unique’, the food is delicious and the buildings of artistic value, will make you want to linger there, let alone on the island residents known as the island of the gods was very friendly as like the other islanders in the country Indonesia, and one that is also important that the cost of living here is very cheap, you do not need to spend a lot of dollars for your accommodation in this exotic island ..

A good location for tourist visited:


kuta beach famous for its white sand and splashing waves very interesting to make surfing arena, supported by the hotel’s facilities, cafes and adequate nigth club makes this area a favorite destination of tourists from various countries, plus many international events held here makes the famous kuta in many countries.


like kuta beach, bali sanur beach is also an interesting place to surf, but is widely used as a water sports arena and sports edge of the lake shore there is a quiet and comfortable to make tourists feel at home here, supported by excellent lodging facilities, restaurants eating-house clean and tidy and one more special is the beauty of the beach scene at a time when the sun rises, you can watch the sunrise with a very clear and beautiful on this beach.

Nusa Dua

in this place the atmosphere was calm and comfortable, nusa dua has a beach surrounded by coconut trees which make the air cool beaches, swaying coconut palm trees and crystal clear sea water to make lovely atmosphere in which the white sandy beaches of this, along the road to the beach many hotels, resorts and star cottages, and rows of sea food restaurant with a famous foodnya delicious. therefore, if you need a comfort break at the hotel while enjoying the beauty of the beach, nusa dua is a choice ..


ubud is a tourist village is very famous, lots of tourists from different races and nations that can be encountered here, so do not be surprised if many who call the village ubud internationally.

many artists are here, especially the makers of paintings and sculptures are also many dances can be enjoyed in this village, so if you want a painting or sculpture from the island of Bali, this is where to get it.

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